Upcoming Nike Air Max 97 Coming With Air Bubble for Spring

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Upcoming Nike Air Max 97 Coming With Air Bubble for Spring

Nike Shoes has been continuously launching new products, its 2015 successor, Air Max 95 Ultra, has been released much slower. This model will return this year with a clean white makeup, with subtle hints of blue and brand details. At first glance, the upper and overlay are pure white. However, a closer look will reveal that the Air Max logo appears repeatedly in one of the wavy elements. For the color of pops, the pair chose Glacier Blue to be applied to the metal plating Swoosh on the back foot. This cool hue is also used on the rubber Air Max logo on the tongue and the lace ring on the front. Even the airbag function printing brand is ready to complete this winter design.

Sometimes, certain products released by Nike are not from outside influences, but from the shoes themselves. In the upcoming Air Max 97, the brand chose to refer to the design outline in the largest possible way. This is mainly through the construction of the bottom layer, which effectively compliments the 97's innovative "full length maximum" sole. In addition to the air max portrait, the above text spreads on the basis of the pink array array. Elsewhere, in addition to the light blue contour line, the metallic silver decoration cover offsets all the printing in a quiet but luxurious neutral. More importantly, every panel seems to have water droplets permanently attached to its exterior.

CLOT's use of Chinese culture in the cooperation can be traced back to 2006, when the brand and Nike jointly launched their first sports shoes. Now, almost 15 years later, the Hong Kong-based label has multiple protrusions under its belt, and each layer has the effect of terracotta or a smooth, silky layer. This year, CLOT will look back on this history and celebrate the birth of Nike Air Max 1 "Kiss of Death". Rumor has it about a year ago, and it was only recently confirmed that the iconic "Kiss of Death" should be on the road in March, the famous fictional "Maximum Air Day" a month. This is further proof of the many images that have surfaced, and DJ Khalid shows a rival in 2021 for the first time. Today, KAWS joined the debate, portraying his personal scene with the best details so far. From this picture, we can see how faithful the re-released movie is. The transparent panelling and suede arrive intact, adjacent to the bright orange midsole, icy tread and some smooth red Swoosh logos.